Preventing Soil Abrasion using Erosion Protection Matting

erosion protection matting

Erosion protection matting – Soil erosion occurs due to strong water flow or wind where the area has no vegetation. Coir geotextile mesh is an environmentally friendly soil erosion control product that has optimum strength for long-term soil retention. It is very suitable for rehabilitation of old mines, and beaches, reinforcement of cliffs, erosion prevention, soil reinforcement, reinforcement of ways along railway lines, reinforcement of cliffs or road bridges, and also as a support for growing plants.

Coir geotextile mat is becoming popular as a growing medium. In the meantime, it’s important to understand its limitations and benefits before making the switch, according to Julie P. Newman, agricultural extension officer at the University of California Cooperative Extension. One of the advantages of coir geotextiles includes high water retention and hollow texture which allows better air circulation, and acceptable pH value.

Benefits of coir geotextiles for erosion protection

The coir geotextile easily absorbs water and retains it for a long time. The nature of the coconut does not require watering. Coir geotextiles generally degrade in two to four years. Due to the high lignin content, the coir geotextile slowly degrades, thus maintaining the structure of the soil cavity. This allows good air circulation, encouraging bigger and healthier roots.

In general, the pH levels of coir geotextiles range from 5.8 to 6.5. Liming or adding lime is no longer necessary. The coir geotextile mat is made from natural materials as it is a by-product of the coconut industry. It is easily decomposed or decomposed by environmentally harmless soil. It can also prevent mold and mosquitoes (types of pests) because it contains antimycotics which have the function of inhibiting the growth of fungi even in a humid environment.

The most common problem with coir geotextiles is very high salt levels, especially for lower grades of coir geotextiles. A high-salt coir net should be washed before use.

The coir geotextile mat is laid in old mining areas or on beaches so that the sides are reinforced. Erosion protection coir geotextiles can also be used to cover sloping terrain such as watersheds (river flow areas). It will minimize landslides and soil abrasion. The ecosystem will grow well and store water, allowing a variety of vegetation to grow around the edges of the coir geotextile. Some research indicates that coir geotextiles can last up to 4 years before breaking down in the ground.

Advantages of coir geotextiles over geotextiles and synthetic materials such as:

  • The material is high-quality natural coconut fiber
  • Strong fibrous material, can last a long time, but biodegradable
  • It may contain water
  • Coir geotextile can decompose for at least 4 years or more
  • It can also be used as a soil fertilizer
  • Coir geotextile caused no harmful residue
  • Repairing areas of the floor where moisture has been lost due to certain activities
  • Coconut geotextile is very suitable for use on sloping or rocky areas or soils, due to its elastic characteristics of the material.
  • It is mildew resistant

This is an overview of the explanation of coir geotextiles for erosion protection matting We hope this provides you with some useful additional information.

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