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DIY Aesthetic Mat – How to Make Rope Mat

How to make a rope mat – A rope is a tool for people in all aspects of life. This is a human tool that has been in use for a long time before this era of modernization. Humans used different fiber materials to make rope for the first time. Over time, people began to develop simple ropes by using multiple strands of fiber and twisting them until they came together into a single rope. The types of ropes themselves vary from types of ropes based on the material of manufacture to types of ropes based on their use.

Today, people have many needs that must be met in an easy way, both in the workplace and in everyday life. Due to the different needs of people, they use ropes depending on different conditions. Therefore, ropes have properties and use in different conditions. In addition, some are not suitable for heavy applications or applications in water and so on.

Coconut shell is the main material for making various handicrafts. Coarse coconut has to be processed into fine coconut in two ways, namely the traditional way (manual) and the modern way (mechanical). While the next one must be transformed into a coconut rope. The production of coconut rope is done entirely by human resources, except for the separation of coarse coconut shell, which becomes high-quality coconut fiber, and coconut powder, which uses a coconut machine to break down a coconut.

How to Make a Round Mat Using Coconut Rope

Nothing brings a room to life like rugs, and in my experience rugs can really make a room look bigger if you have a small apartment where every inch counts. But if you’ve ever seen rugs, you know that they tend to be quite expensive, which means you can spend quite a bit of money if you decorate your entire home with beautiful rugs. Recently in the studio, we found the perfect solution by making our own DIY rope rug, one of the easiest and most fun projects we’ve ever done. Once you get all the materials through the door, you can also make them as big as you want – only the sky (or rather the walls) can be the limit.

Rounded Mats Rope

Tools and materials are needed:

  • Tarpaulin

For the glue, we decided to use liquid nails that we bought at a hardware store, especially since you can get a large, affordable tube with an applicator. But you can use any super strong glue you like. You will need a lot! 🙂

Place a tarp as this will be the base to which you will attach the rope. Start by wrapping the rope in a small spiral.

Place pieces of liquid nail glue around the rope coil on the tarp to secure the rope as you wind it.

Continue until you have made the rope mat the size you want. I made mine about 1.5m in diameter. This takes time! I would suggest doing this in batches, half an hour at a time. I think this measure takes about 4 hours. But it’s worth it, right?

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